Friday, April 1, 2011

The Road To Fokhara, Sootootma's Scrolls 2

Word reached us of the discovery of an Obelisk detailing the location of the tomb of the last Overseer of Ankhara, Cherkiti. The Obelisk is to be found in the nearby necropolis of Fokhara. I shall possess the knowledge and treasure of Cherkiti - perhaps something in his tomb can restore my beloved Hemati to her full potential.

Our travels from the Tomb of Hemati to the Obelisk of Cherkiti brought us into contact with more breathers. An Anubi breather I have fought before came upon us as we passed through the neighborhood of Kranshak the Bloated. The Anubi and Asar breathers were driven off easily. Their Harbinger, Imhotep, howled in despair and called for Provocation. We clashed for a time but neither of us gained the upper hand. My skill was too much for him and his accursed heavy armor was too much for my assault. But this battle saw my beloved Hemati doling out death by bow and Senfibeh, her enchanted poleaxe.

Some time later, our path was crossed by the monstrous Sebeki breather we have also crossed weapons with before, Setii. This battle was hard fought and hurt both warbands badly. Setii came within spitting distance of me after his chariot was destroyed by the Dread Axes of Sejetmu, and he spat. His accursed Burning Slaver ruined my armor but my breather archers managed to fell him before I had to engage in Provocation naked with the beast. For all intents, the battle was done and our warbands disengaged allowing us to continue toward Fokhara.

As we neared Fokhara, a fellow Harbinger of the Eater and his warband came alongside us with warnings of a breather alliance at a nearby Sphynx. Iumeri believed the Sphynx held the exact location of the Obelisk of Cherkiti. I was asked to join this lesser warband against the breathers for the greater glory of the Eater of the Dead. I agreed, and whom should I find at the Sphynx but Setii, the Sebeki beast, and Annomen, a cunning Basti Harbinger I have also met before.

We were greatly outnumbered by the breathers but my superiority made up for our lack of numbers. My brilliant strategy played out like a rock rolling downhill, despite the clumsiness of Iumeri's warband. To my right was much of Iumeri's warband, meant to hold that side of the battlefield while I led most of the Crypt Lords and Iumeri to the Sphynx to learn the location of Cherkiti's Obelisk. My left was protected by Hemati and my own warband, along with Iumeri's Abomination. The breathers quickly fell into my exquisite trap - Hemati stopped Setii's Beloved almost immediately and then set to work engaging two units of the breathers. The Abominations sprang forward and acted as fanged walls against the breathers' advance. My party around the Sphynx held off two of the breather heroes and a large unit of Sebeki. Our bold attacks forced the breather Harbingers to realize their hopeless situation and they withdrew their warbands from the field of battle.

We were left to question the Sphynx, which L'lthyiki managed. The information was imprecise, but gave us a narrower location for the Obelisk. I related false information to Iumeri and sent him on his way in the opposite direction, claiming I would protect his flanks from any further breather encounters. Why should the treasures of Cherkiti be shared with my inferior?

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