Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mabuki's Response to Trub the Scribe

 May Thoth protect you in your mission, Trub.

My time dealing with the predatory warbands of this area stretches longer than I had hoped. If I could leave for Ankhara immediately, I would. My beloved mentor turned puppet of the Eater of the Dead, Shefdu Sootootma, and the other outlaw Harbingers crawling upon the ruins of Ankhara must be dealt with before the situation becomes unmanageable. l shall come to Ankhara as soon as I am able. Until that day I must ask you to keep watch on the events there and continue to inform me of Shefdu's activities.

Knowledge is power.

It indeed is, Mabuki. I find the lack of knowledge gained by your observer, Trub, appalling. That shall soon be dealt with.

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