Friday, April 1, 2011

Dispatches of Trub 9, aka Fort Wayne Game #43

Peace and life to Ægyptus!

Master Mabuki, Shefdu's actions in Ankhara have taken another turn. Recently a living person arrived at the tomb of Hemati, Shefdu's basecamp, and met with Shefdu and his lieutenants for quite some time. The stranger departed and soon Shefdu's warband slowly followed.

The stranger was next seen escaping from a Heru warband with a prisoner in tow. Shefdu set about directing his warband to the stranger's defense. He sent his axe mummies and horde mummies to the right. Tebbi and the Necromancer made up part of the center thrust along with Kestu-toth the Abomination, Senshet and Shefdu himself. To the left were the spear mummies and the chariot with Blackclaw.

The Heru Harbinger's warband was in some disarray from their chase of the stranger- archers at the rear with spears and swords at the front. A Beloved of Sobek ran alongside the Heru Harbinger as the two seemed to lead the chase.

The battle was joined.

On the right, the axe mummies marched into combat with the Heru spears. Bloody combat ensued followed soon after by Asar swordsmen charging into the axe mummies. The axe mummies were nearly destroyed by the time the horde mummies reached the battle and charged into the Asar swordsmen.

On the left, the chariot with Blackclaw rolled forward to protect the stranger. The Heru Harbinger called his shining chariot and began to give chase. The chariot with Blackclaw rounded an obelisk and smashed head on into the shining chariot.
His means of pursuit effectively distracted, the Heru Harbinger left his shining chariot.

In the center, Kestu-toth the Abomination rushed forward and engaged the Beloved of Sobek. That fierce melee was joined by a unit of Sebeki with spears. Kestu-toth felled the Beloved before falling to the Sebeki spears. Senshet charged into the Sebeki spears, killing one. Shefdu then charged into the Sebeki spears as well, causing the remnants of the unit to rout. At this point the Heru Harbinger charged into Provocation with Shefdu. Shefdu eventually fell in Provocation, immediately the mummy spears charged the Heru Harbinger and felled him causing much of his warband to flee.

Sometime later, back at the tomb of Hemati, more strangers arrived- a motley group of Nekharu, Asar and Typhon armed with bows. These Death Cultists pledged their loyalty to Shefdu, adding a new dimension to his warband...

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