Friday, April 1, 2011

Dispatches of Trub 8, Several battles in one Dispatch

Shefdu has been busy since I could last send a dispatch of his progress to you, Master. His wanderings brought him into contact with a Sebeki harbinger near the ruined temple of an unknown god. L'lithyki, the necromancer, approached the temple and worshipped at it so it was likely a temple of some long-forgotten evil foreign god. This battle saw Shefdu's new chariot engaged with a Beloved of Sobek throughout. The fighting overall was minimal and the two harbingers seemed to come to an understanding, joining forces to raid a nearby necropolis complex. Also raiding the complex were an alliance of an Asar and Heru harbingers. What I could see of this battle was quick and fierce. The Sebeki took on the Heru in provocation and defeated him. Then Shefdu engaged a Beloved of Sobek (not the one from his allied warband) while the Sebeki and Asar harbingers clashed.

Shefdu's warband returned to the Tomb of Hemati, now their basecamp in Ankhara. A Basti harbinger came across the tomb and the battle was on. Shefdu remained on foot to defend the tomb entrance with Senshet and his horde mummies. Blackclaw rode the chariot of Hemati into battle and smashed a unit of City Dweller spears. Shefdu's mummy warriors advanced under heavy bowfire and routed two of the Basti archer units. Kestru-toth, the Abomination, charged forward into the Basti lines routing many of the Basti before falling to a barrage of bowfire. The Basti Harbinger rushed forward into combat with Senshet and eventually provocation with Shefdu. Neither harbinger won the provocation and the Tomb of Hemati remained safe from Basti predation.

Most recently, Shefdu came into conflict with an Anubi harbinger near an oasis with scattered ruins nearby. Both warbands were searching for an artifact among the debris, but that did not stop them from engaging in battle. Once more, Blackclaw was given the chariot of Hemati. He crashed into a unit of Anubi swords and was stuck in their mass eventually joined by a City Dweller spear unit. Kestru-toth dispatched a unit of Anubi slingers before joining in the fray at the chariot. The Asar Master of Words eventually found the artifact but fell to Senshet, who had been focused on the artifact more than the battle. The Anubi harbinger's chariot rolled past the oasis only to be attacked by a Desert Lobster! The monstrous thing clamped onto the chariot but was quickly dispatched by the harbinger. The Anubi harbinger soon engaged Shefdu in provocation but neither gained the upper hand. The Anubi chariot was splintered by the mummy warrior axes and the mummy warrior spears scattered the Anubi archers. Shefdu likely gained another component for his grand scheme...

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