Friday, April 1, 2011

Dispatches of Trub 7, The Haunted Chariot of Hemati

Shefdu's latest message to you, Master, made note of a long-dead Harbinger of Uatchet named Hemati. Our research has brought us closer to rediscovering this remarkable Uraei heroine from a time long passed. Hemati fell in battle against a large Atlantean raiding party that threatened to attack the city of Bubastis. The Atlanteans were routed, but Hemati was gravely wounded and died some days after the battle. Her long service as a guardian of all Ægyptus was rewarded with a burial in a magnificent tomb in Ankhara.

Shefdu mentions Armor of Burning Scales as one of Hemati's treasures expected in her tomb. There were many sets of this armor forged by Ptah himself then given to his brothers and sisters. Its scales are said to still burn from the magical fires of Ptah's Forge, protecting the wearer from most attacks.

Uatchet's Forked Kopesh was a double-bladed magical sword that Uatchet created to aid her children in protecting Ægyptus from malevolent sorcerers and beasts of great power. Hemati gained the Forked Kopesh by winning a tournament to decide which Uraei would be its next bearer and main protector of Ægyptus' borders.

The Helm of Farsight was another of Uatchet's creations for her children. It is said to grant its wearer with visions of what events will come to pass. The helm would also enable its wearer to see nearly halfway across the length of Ægyptus.

The Bottomless Quiver of Darkynis is a mystery to me. No references to it could be found. The name suggests a Babylonian origin and Hemati was known to have been involved in two campaigns against that barbarous land.

Finally, the Soul-Searing Chariot Shefdu mentioned was originally fashioned by an Anubi Master of Words. It could literally burn the Ka of its enemies, often resulting in their death. Hemati took the Chariot in battle with an Anubi Harbinger outside the city of Pharos.

With the information Shefdu had learned from the library complex, he led his warband directly to the Tomb of Hemati. After some time inside Shefdu and his lieutenants emerged with a chariot drawn by one cobra-headed horse and one normal horse. The newly revived beasts were unsure footed at first, but soon they were able to trot and run almost as well as in life. The chariot was similar to descriptions of the Soul-Searing Chariot, but the centuries sealed in Hemati's tomb had somehow altered it. Ghostly appendages emerged from the body of the chariot writhing and grasping at the air. Even from my distance away, I could hear the unearthly cries coming from the chariot, cries of the tormented dead. It appears that the souls of those killed by the Soul-Searing Chariot have remained trapped inside of it - a terrible fate and a very disturbing sight.

Shefdu led his warband off to search Ankhara further, but I fear he will again return to the Tomb of Hemati to further bolster his forces...

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