Friday, April 1, 2011

Dispatches of Trub 6, Greenwood "Skirmish" vs. Roebeast

Shefdu's warband continued its search for whatever specific thing he had remembered from his studies of Ankhara in life. For days they ransacked the ruined buildings and tombs they came upon. Finally a large complex of buildings and yet another Heru warband were found. As the warbands clashed, both Harbingers led their lieutenants into the complex. The search parties focused on two buildings within the complex: a smaller outlying structure and a very large building that I believe was a library or hall of records. Shefdu and his Crypt Lords became engaged in a pitched battle at the library entrance. Blackclaw managed to fell the Heru harbinger (although the harbinger had been greivously wounded by Kestru-toth early on) before engaging in the larger battle at the library entrance. L'lithyki flew into the library with the aid of her black birds. She remained out of the fighting and eventually recovered what Shefdu sought. From what I could see of Tebbi's progress into the library, a small beast of some sort had made its lair inside and it attacked when he entered. The beast may very well have been a dreaded sand chicken, but I cannot confirm this.

There is now no question in my mind that Shefdu is aware of your interest in his activities. His latest note to you is clearly a boast or warning directed towards you:

The Tomb of Hemati, Sootootma knows now the location
Ancienl Harbinger of Uatchet was she
Interred in Ankhara from death on the spears of barbarian invasion
Hemati's tomb is to have many warriors who fought with her and wealth of her life
Armor of Burning Scales, Uatchet's Forked Kopesh, Helm of Farsight, Bottomless Quiver of Darkynis, scrolls of foreign magic, Soul-searing Chariot and the rest of Hemati's treasures will be for Sootootma now
Herself, Hemati will join me and burn cities once she protected
Then come for you, will we, Mabuki

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