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Dispatches of Trub 10/Sootootma's Scrolls 5, More on the Valley of the Stone Gods

Dispatches of Trub 10

Master Mabuki, I have found it difficult to contact you with reports of Shefdu Sootootma's activities in the recently resurfaced ruins of Ankhara. Since my last dispatch, Shefdu has been involved in several incidents across the city that I am aware of and likely many more of which I am unaware. Events in Ankhara are quickly getting out of hand. Warbands from all corners of Ægyptus have been seeking treasure and opening more tombs in recent weeks. The Eater of the Dead's forces have been multiplying daily, each new tomb an unscrupulous Harbinger opens in search of treasure contains potential recruits to the Eater's cause. But it is not only the dead who join the Eater, more and more depraved Asar, Typhon and Nekharu are entering the city to join forces and pledge themselves to the evil of the Eater of the Dead. Although there are some Harbingers here who do follow the Code of Ma'at and are doing what they can against the Eater and those reckless Harbingers, their numbers are far too few.

The Dark Harbingers seem to be acting together more than when I first arrived here. There have been coordinated attacks and searches for artifacts long thought to be lost forever. Magical weapons and items such as the Whip of Anfhar, the Doom Saw, the Golden Snout, Armor of the South Wind, the Mantle of Cherkiti, and Komripp's Club have resurfaced. In the wrong hands these powerful artifacts could cause untold damage to the stability of Ægyptus.

Shefdu's actions in Ankhara have contributed to the coming instability in immeasurable ways. The mission that his scraps of papyrus have alluded to is likely nearing fruition. He has reanimated the Uraei Harbinger Hemati, though she seems less powerful than a Dark Harbjnger should be. His warband has grown to be one of the largest scouring Ankhara and his name is known in all corners of the city.

Most recently, Sootootma took his warband into a valley near Ankhara. This was the legendary Valley of the Stone Gods, with temples to many of the Gods of Ægyptus. A Heru warband was nearing one of the temples and Shefdu hurried his horde to engage them. The Heru and Asar were accompanied by Sebeki with a Beloved of Sobek, Khemru warriors and Basti archers. Their Harbinger was a Heru in the Aspect of the Defender.

Shefdu's battle line seemed determined to protect the temple of Horus from incursion. Two of his Crypt Lords, Blackclaw and Senshet, rushed to the temple entrance where they engaged the Beloved. Kestru-toth, the Abomination, was held up in combat by a Heru hero near the entrance. Then a shocking chitinous beast emerged from the temple- it matched descriptions from those who have survived encounters with the fabled Scarab Ogre! The beast charged toward the Heru hero and sheared him in two with its snapping claws. During this fighting, the Heru Master of Words managed to slip into the temple. Tebbi the Archer, another of Shefdu's Crypt Lords, managed to follow the Master of Words into the temple and engage him.

Shefdu's Necromancer L'lthyki and then Shefdu himself, engaged the Heru Harbinger in turn. Both fell to its massive Aspect strength-fueled onslaught. But Shefdu's warband remained in the battle under the command of Hemati. She charged toward the temple to stop the Heru Master of Words from escaping the temple wIth whatever secrets he may have learned. A unit of Asar managed to hold her up until the sorcerer was cleanly away...

After this latest battle, Shefdu led his warband back towards Ankhara. They were accompanied by some new addition to their ranks, but I could not clearly see it since the setting sun obscured it from my view. On the horizon, near the city, I could make out hundreds of forms slowly and purposefully moving in the same direction to some predetermined destination. Ankhara seems poised on the brink of some significant event that may well spell the doom of all of Ægyptus. I shall stay until the end, Master, and do my best to record the coming events. May Ra protect me...


Sootootma's Scrolls 5
The time draws nearer and the Eater's Children are gathering. Our strength against the breathers is our unity while their squabbling bolsters our advantage. All went as planned in the Valley of the Stone Gods. Our next step shall bring the breathers to the brink of destruction. They will beg for release and join our ranks. Once we have finished the Eater's bidding here I will be free to return to my own agenda for my greater glory...

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