Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Dawn's Searing Rays" (Sootootma's Scrolls 3.7)

Sepdjut, Guardian of the Eastern Gate of Pharos, joined Hemati's warband when she went on her second campaign against the God-Kings of Babylon. He became one of Hemati's most trusted lieutenants during that campaign and was made Marshall of her chariot fleet, riding into battle on his own Shining Chariot drawn by a single Steed of Ra. As Guardian of the Eastern Gate of Pharos, Sepdjut was given 'Dawn's Searing Rays' to protect the city. This type of Shining Chariot was given to all members of the Dakon Order- 42 Guardians of Ægyptus' most sacred and important sites. The Dakon Order was made up of diverse Children of the Gods and none were Harbingers. The Dakons were chosen directly by Ra and given his blessing. They would answer to no one but Ra and were given free reign to perform their duties however they saw fit. Sepdjut and his chariot were interred in Hemati's tomb after his death at the hands of the Atlantean Raiders that felled my beloved. His service to Hemati now resumes. Sepdjut and 'Dawn's Searing Rays' shall battle for a new Ægyptus. The Eater of the Dead is pleased- this I feel to my core...

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