Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dispatches of Trub # 5, 2 Riddle of the Sphynx Games (Ft Wayne & Greenwood)

Shefdu continued roaming the Ankhara environs, seemingly searching for some particular location or item. His wanderings led to a long lost sphynx. But the Disposessed Harbinger I had seen on more than one occasion since arriving in Ankhara found the sphynx as well. The ensuing battle saw Shefdu defeated and I later discovered another discarded papyrus in his hand. The frequency and ease of acquisition of these writings has begun to cause me to question wether my presence is as hidden as I believed or if I am merely tolerated as some small part of Shefdu's larger plan:

Sootootma comes closer to knowing and more words return
When I breathed, Ankhara was studied deeply
Things are remembered as Sootootma comes to Ankhara- things Mabuki remembers as he breathes
A place will be found by Sootootma
All secrets of Ankhara will Sootootma remember and the breathers will no more breathe

Shefdu's mention of you by name is troubling. Could he know of my mission for you or was it mere coincidence?

At any rate, a day later Shefdu sought out another sphynx as if he was in dire need of an answer to some pressing question. A Heru warband with Anubi slingers came upon the sphynx as well. This battle went badly for the Heru as Shefdu's mummies caused a unit of polearms to flee and destroyed a unit of archers. First Blackclaw attempted to consult the sphynx followed by Shefdu himself and then L'lithyki, the Necromancer. All failed to answer its riddle. The Anubi slingers had positioned themselves to easily fire on those consulting the sphynx. Slingstones felled Blackclaw and battered Shefdu with impunity. The Embalmer and Battlesage chose to charge a weakened Shefdu to hold up his advance. Kestru-toth, the Abomination, crashed into the slingers to avenge their attacks on his Harbinger. But Shefdu, already badly beaten by volleys from the slingers and combat with both the Embalmer and Battlesage, was charged by the Heru Harbinger and entered Provocation. Many blows were exchanged, but Shefdu fell to the Heru. After the Provocation was complete, the Heru withdrew what little remained of his warband before Shefdu's warband could close in to finish it. The Heru exclaimed "I am Jordan, Banisher of the Undead!" as his tattered warband withdrew...

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