Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dispatches of Trub # 4, PentaCon Campaign Event Battle Write Up

Ra and Thoth be praised!

The last of Shefdu's Crypt Lords, Tebbi 'the archer,' a Dispossessed Asar in life, served as an archer in the warband of Alaaia 'the Bloodsoaked Widow' (an infamous Harbinger of Isis). Tebbi was present at the Battle of Chilfu Pass where the Bloodsoaked Widow met her doom at the hands of the Heru Harbinger Damun-Ra 'Light of the Eastern Sky' {the definitive account of this battle can be found in 'The Complete Exploits of Damun-Ra' scroll v section 1}. After this, Tebbi wandered in the South around Kush where he fell in with a witch coven. It is unclear exactly how long Tebbi was in the company of these witches, but he was eventually known as a wandering bow for hire with some knowledge of magic. His exploits ranged from simple murder for hire to somewhat more noble actions- such as protecting caravans from bandits. Eventually Tebbi met his fate in Oprinchot at the side of Blackclaw as they attempted to storm the temple of Amun outside the village...

Several days of roaming the Ankhara environs brought Shefdu's warband into contact with a Heru Harbinger. Both warbands took notice of a lone mummy mulling about. The following is another of Shefdu's accounts recovered after he had moved on:

Much joy for Eater of the Dead is given!
Sootootma finds risen magician to join my ranks but Heru breathers want her destroyed
My left is Senshet and Kestru-toth and now more Axes
My right is Spears and mindless
My center is Sootootma and Blackclaw and L'lithyki and Tebbi

Senshet and Kestru-toth go forward to fight Sebeki monster but arrows for them weaken and they fall both
Axes go forward and fight Sebeki breathers that flee
Spears and mindless go forward
Sootootma and Blackclaw go forward to water and risen magician- she does magic to slow Heru leader and he calls magic cart
Tebbi makes magic on Heru leader to have laughing
L'lithyki makes magic to fly and other things

Breathers come closer and Basti send many arrows for us
Sebeki monster comes for Axes and falls under them
Risen magician makes magic for flames and breathers try to run through to get her but Blackclaw holds breathers
Sootootma charges breathers and they all fall in the flames when they run
Mindless and Heru breathers charge and fight but Heru run
Heru leader leaves magic cart and sends magic cart to fight Spears
Risen magician makes magic for flames for path of Heru leader and he runs in flames to destroy magician

Sootootma goes forward to fight Heru and they run
Spears fight and kill magic cart
Tebbi gives arrows to breather magician
Heru leader and Sootootma fight for Provocation and Sootootma takes Ka

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