Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dispatches of Trub 3, aka Fort Wayne Game #13

Praise to the gods! May Ra and Thoth guide my hand...

Another one of Shefdu's Crypt Lords was Blackclaw, in life an infamous Basti rogue. Numerous reports show his exploits to have been noteworthy at the time. Blackclaw emerged in the city of Pharos as an above average thief and general nuisance to the authorities of the city. His specialty was temple theft but also included some high profile schemes. One such scheme involved gaining financial backers for an overseas expedition to 'a land drenched in gold'- the expedition was discovered to be made up of a derelict fishing boat and a blind Sebeki. After one too many such schemes, Blackclaw took to travelling Ægyptus and robbing or scheming when such opportunities presented themselves. Blackclaw met his fate in Oprinchot at the side of Tebbi the archer as they attempted to storm the temple of Amun outside the village...

Shefdu's warband came upon another area of ruins. Nearby another warband appeared, seemingly searching for something among the ruins. The day after this battle I discovered the following tattered papyrus in the scattered debris of Shefdu's camp:

Words of Sootootma return
In ruins for a defiant scroll we search
Alas breathers as well search for scroll
Sootootma and the mindless make center
Left is Tebbi and axes and Senshet
Right is spears and Kestru-toth and L'lithyki and Blackclaw

Sootootma goes forward to search for scroll and others go forward and breathers come closer... Breather magician makes magic to slow Sootootma and Sootootma stands by ruins to watch others

On Left Tebbi shoots at lions but soon they come to fight him... Axes go forward and fight with breather spears... Senshet searches for scroll and moves forward to search for scroll but breathers shoot many arrows to her

On Right spears move forward and end up fighting breather leader... Kestru-toth goes forward and breathers sling many stones to him but he fights with breather swords... L'lithyki makes magic and flies forward to search for scroll and makes more magic to blind breathers... Blackclaw moves forward to search for scroll and ends up to fight with breather swords

On Right Tebbi falls under lions... Axes fight more with breather spears
On Left Kestru-toth falls under breather swords and Blackclaw makes them to run... Spears and breather leader fight more... L'lithyki flies to look more for scroll and it is there but breather priestess fells L'lithyki and takes scroll

Sootootma trudges to Right to stop breather priestess to take scroll... Breather cart stops for breather priestess and new man jumps from hiding to kill her- scroll is on the sands... Breather leader comes to get Sootootma but Sootootma continues for scroll finding and new man goes for breather leader but catches many arrows

Sootootma is close to scroll as breather magician makes magic for spikes in sand on scroll... Scroll is lost in sands

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