Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dispatches of Trub 2, aka Fort Wayne Game #12

Peace and praise to Ra and Thoth!

In life, the Crypt Lords of Shefdu Sootootma's warband came from widely varied backgrounds. Senshet was originally a City-dweller of Hermopolis. She was a warrior-scribe of some note (see 'Senshet's Account of the Siege at Dalpyl' and 'Waters of the Nile' her account of the campaign against the infamous Sebeki Harbinger Krutacht the Horrible) before arriving at Oprinchot to take command of the local militia. Nearly ten years Senshet was the guardian of Oprinchot with few major incidents. Her death came suddenly at the hands of an assassin one peaceful night. No one but Senshet knows who the assassin was or exactly why she was murdered....

Shefdu's warband continued to wander the fringes of Ankhara and came upon a ruined structure where they took shelter. The Necromancer was perhaps using the opportunity to commune with her dark gods for guidance on how to proceed. But her communion was cut short by the arrival of a Dispossessed Harbinger and his warband. What follows was found in the wake of Shefdu's warband, it seems to be the Scribe of Oblivion's own account of the clash with the Harbinger of Osiris:

"L'lithyki makes magic but breathers come near to the house
All hold for breathers to get close but mindless leave the house and eat rocks and arrows and the axes come 'round the side of the house
Breather spears and swords get close and breather leader runs in the house with blue firesword
Kestru-toth falls under blue firesword and axes charge breather spears
Sootootma and Senshet charge breather spears and kill them but then breathers in the house and take it
All leave the house to breathers and go on for finding Ankhara"

'peace breaks
foul flames leap low
breaking bones
daylight fades'

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