Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ankhara Dispatches of Trub the Scribe, ...following Shefdu Sootootma 'Scribe of Oblivion'

Praise to Ra and Thoth! May my humble scribblings bring some measure of glory to them...

In life, the Tethru Harbinger Shefdu Sootootma was known as 'Scribe of the Dawn.' From what is known of his warband it was small and busied itself more with seeking lost scrolls and forgotten knowledge than battle. It is written in the Scroll of Fallen Harbingers {scroll viii, section 3} that the 'Scribe of the Dawn' was struck down by an unknown Typhon harbinger {alternately called Jinyrom, 'Devious Chem' and Pnemprodemb 'Set's Talon' in multiple sources but no other reference to these names can be found} deep in the desert while questing for the location of the lost city of Ankhara. Shefdu was entombed far from Hermopolis, near the village of Oprinchot, where he had once discovered a long lost cache of scrolls in a kamut field and was hailed as a local hero.

Shefdu's eternal rest was shattered when a vile Necromancer found his tomb and performed her disturbing magics upon him. Somehow the Necromancer had learned of Shefdu's obsession with Ankhara in life and used its recent rediscovery to help her control the resurrected Harbinger.

Shefdu's mummified warband was made up of dead from the necropolis of Oprinchot and a Sphynx Abomination that accompanied the necromancer. Shefdu also had three Crypt Lords as his lieutenants: Blackclaw, an infamous Basti rogue in life; Senshet, a heroine of Oprinchot in life; and Tebbi 'the archer,' a foul Asar witch in life. The main body of his warband was made up of two units of mummy warriors and a larger unit of horde mummies - all of these taken from tombs of Oprinchot's residents.

Shefdu's warband shambled its way toward Ankhara and came upon a partially buried ancient temple of Khanum. Another harbinger came across the ruins at the same time, a Sebeki with mostly Asar followers. Shefdu fell in provocation to the Sebeki harbinger but his warband managed to destroy two units of Asar archers and a unit of Sebeki warriors. The next morning, Shefdu's warband moved on but left behind was a scrap of papyrus with the following scrawled on it:
'orbs of rage clattering
gnashing sands stare up
fire and blood fail
dawn comes'

Shefdu and the Necromancer continued to lead their warband toward Ankhara. Near the outskirts of the city they came upon an oasis and a Harbinger of Bast leading his warband toward it. There was fierce fighting, but in the end the Basti held the oasis and Shefdu led his warband onward. Another scrap of papyrus was found in their wake:
'fiercely falling rain
dropped food
stiffened shafts break
scars speak'

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