Sunday, August 19, 2018

WarGods Minis Month 2018- Basti Backlash!

We continue with WarGods Minis Month and a batch of Basti Camp Followers! All of these have been sitting partially painted for over a year (some longer) so I forced myself to focus on them since they were already in progress.
I love the Basti figures, they were the first figs that drew me to WarGods of Ægyptus in a bygone epoch. Those Basti sword girls are still some of my favorites- but I've only painted a couple of them because I'm always afraid to get them wrong somehow. But when I focus and force myself to make the hard choices (which color for this part?) they turn out OK.

These two (the tambourine girl and the bongo guy) will serve as part of the band for the King of Memphis or one of the Duelling Bards in some skirmishes, hopefully.

I think I've got another of the fish eater that I now have a great conversion idea for...

I've painted the piper girl before and used her as a musician in a non-Basti unit because she looks so good. This one turned out fine, just don't look too close at her right leg...

I've also painted this harem girl before. I think the previous one has darker skin and a purple outfit. You can never have enough cute Basti hanging around.

Next time which one or more of these minis will be completed? Or could it be something completely out of left field?

We'll find out in abut a week or so, if I get some painting time in.

Monday, August 6, 2018

WarGods Minis Month 2018- Serving Girls and Criminals

Even before hanging out a bit at the Crocodile Games booth at GenCon, I started painting these WarGods-related minis and thought about trying to get another WarGods Minis Month together for August and beyond (the"month" is a fluid measurement of time that could last akk the way into October if necessary). These will not all be Crocodile Games' WarGods minis but miniatures that would easily fit into the Antediluvian setting of Aegyptus, Olympus, Hyperborea, etc.
Not a single Crocodile Games figure in this installment! Hopefully next week will be either a bunch of Basti or some Priests.

From Dark Fable's many campaigns, first up we have a trio of Egyptian Serving Girls...

All three of these were started a couple years ago but sat partially painted until just recently because I lost focus and they all have so much skin to paint I lost faith in my skills.

I really love the apples or whatever fruit it's supposed to be on her plate.

Another Dark Fable miniature, the Egyptian Goblin. I've decided he will be part of the Nile Pirates Warband for the epic skirmish campaign I'm always working on starring Tebbi and Blackclaw.

A converted fantasy football mini from Impact. This is a slight conversion into the live version of a Crypt Lord from some of the old World Campaigns- Sejetmu Dread Axe of the Nile. He's the head of the slowly growing Nile Pirates Warband. I love him...
Below we have comparison shot of the live and undead mummified versions of Sejetmu. The Crypt Lord version was a random conversion just to make sure that my mummies weren't all Asar (humans) or Heru (hawk-headed guys). His backstory evolved from everything else going on in the campaigns and then I realized that he would be a great character to have show up in the Tebbi and Blackclaw scenarios...

Finally, from Alex Bate's Forge of Ice, we have the sleazy Merchant Häbo! This guy has been sitting partially painted since soon after I got him (early 2017?!). He will also make an appearance in the ongoing Tebbi and Blackclaw scenarios as a crime lord (spoiler alert!) or maybe he's just a misunderstood legitimate businessman...
Below, Häbo with some of his loot and a serving girl to bring him another drink.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Anubis Harbinger -First Mini of 2018!

The New Year brings with it a first mini!

This is a Crocodile Games Anubi Harbinger, on of the first figures sculpted and released for WarGods of Ægyptus. I've painted a couple of this figure before with different weapons options and the variant that's a human (Asar) Harbinger. 
This thing has been in progress for over a year. Now that he's done and off to his new home I'm hoping this small accomplishment will help jumpstart the painting engines and I'll get a lot more of everything painted this year.... We'll see.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Oasis of Desolation - Terrain Piece

I fully intended to get this done for the recent Trash Bash Competition at Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine, but all sorts of stuff got in the way of painting time. But I vowed to get it completed and now it is.

The theme of the contest was medication containers- so I chose to use some Farxiga pill bottles. I've been thinking about doing this sort of thing for a long time but the contest was the spark that made me actually put the pieces together. The base is a thick textured plastic cutting board from the Dollar Tree (it was originally shaped like a lemon, but I slightly reshaped it so it wasn't so symmetrical).

Some Gesso medium was used to texture up the pill bottle pillars so that they didn't look quite so pill bottle-y. If I were to do this again I would spend more time on the texturing to make it look more natural- but it's supposed to be an unnerving place of ancient evil, so the texturing as it is works fine.

The oasis itself is made of some unthinned clear sealer with layers of progressively lighter blue paint. Then there were 2 layers of thinned gloss sealer on the top.

And here is the Oasis of Desolation being defended by Tebbi the Archer and Blackclaw (you can see their stalled adventures HERE) against a Nekharu warband. Tebbi and Blackclaw are in the employ of Sekhiesha the Scorpion Sorceress in this scenario...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Three Sorcerers

All three part of WizarDecember over at Dead Dick's Tavern from Weeks 3 and 4.

An old Celtos mini painted as the Necromancer from my warband in the Crocodile Games Ankhara World Campaign from 2005. the original figure was long since lost in the mists of time so I did this Special Edition version that's probably much nicer than the original.

Another Dark Fable mini- the vizier figure who would make a fine Master of Words.

And finally, a Crocodile Games mini- Asar Mistress of Words. I've painted another version of this one before, but I feel this one is probably the nicer of the two.